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5 Simple Ways to Green Your Wedding Don’t miss:Carroll:Farewell, voyager 1eiji toyoda (free next day in-store delivery.) diesgarchik:All things wetcommunity gardens rise in sfcontact juggling:Like magicyou don’t have to compromise style when planning an ecofriendly wedding.With a little bit of planning, you can not only have the elegant wedding you’ve always dreamed of, but you can do with a clear conscience knowing you took steps to reduce your carbon footprint and education your family and friends in the process. Printed products from save the date cards and thank you notes to wedding invitations and programs, printed information is a necessary part of the events surrounding your big day.Today’s suppliers offer smaller quantities, so you only have to order what you need.If you happen to end up with extra materials, find ways to repurpose them.For example, with the fronts facing each other and layered together, the backside of an invitation can double as gift tag, be used as matting when framing table numbers, or made into confetti. Engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner take any one or all of these opportunities to gather your friends Flower Girl Dresses UK 2014 and family to volunteer with an environmentally based charity, or turn your celebration into a garden party and spend the day planting a garden so that you can grow fresh produce in your backyard.Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, you’ll eat healthier and perhaps prompt a few of the guests to start their own. Venue one of the largest drains on resources is the electricity and water used in large reception halls.While many venues have taken steps to institute earthfriendly practices, you can avoid them all together by holding your wedding outside.No matter where you live, there is a time of year and time of day that is most enjoyable.Whether on an old farm, lakeside, on the beach, in a meadow, or on the mountainside there are plenty of places that offer stunning backdrops to say,”I do,”Without adding waste to the environment. Menu design your menu using locally grown resources, which (free next day in-store delivery.) cuts the cost of the pollution created during growth and distribution.Furthermore, it’s inevitable that there will be left over food.Arrange to have any leftovers sent to a local shelter or send boxes home with guests to enjoy the next day. Favors in lieu of favors, make a donation to an earthfriendly organization or plant a tree on behalf of each guest at a local school, park or community gathering place. Just the tip of the iceberg, with a little more research and planning, you can discover many other ways to host a green wedding without compromising style and elegance.Gain the support of your guests and include a note on your save the date cards and wedding invitation informing of them your desire to hold an ecofriendly event.You might just be surprised to Bridesmaid Dresses UK find they are more than happy to help in your efforts.