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3 Ways to Homecoming Dresses UK Ruin a Wedding If you want to ruin a wedding, then you must have a pretty good reason for doing it.Maybe you don’t approve of the union of the bride and groom, or maybe the bride or groom or someone in the wedding party has hurt you and you want to seek revenge.Or maybe you just feel like being a jerk for the sake of it even if you’re not invited.Everyone remembers the guy who ran around the wedding with the pink boa from the photo booth, or the drunk girl who fell on her butt and broke her ankle right after the reception.Now, you too can join that elite see results about dresses league of weddingruiners.If you don’t want to actually get drunk, just act as drunk as you can by swaying around, hitting on the bride’s father, trying to do a booty dance in a long dress, or eating food off strangers’ plates.[1] Just do whatever you can to call as much attention to yourself as possible.If people try to get you to sit down, say,”It’s my party, i can dance if i want to! ” Get aggressive.Picking a fight with someone, especially a relative you’ve never met, is a Wedding Dresses: really nice touch. Get really handsy with the bride or groom.When they try to push you away, say,”But what about our past?I thought you would be the one! “Make it as awkward as possible. Evening Dresses UK Of course, crying is a wonderful way to express your inner drunk.Wedding cakes can cost thousands of dollars and it’s likely that the bride and groom tasted dozens of cakes before they decided on the perfect one.So, you should run up to the cake, stick your finger in it, and lick your finger, declaring it”Completely gross. “Make sure you do this early in the party, with as many guests as possible watching.[2] Another move is to run excitedly onto the cake and then sneeze as loudly as you can, covering the cake with your snot and spit.This neat trick works better for the ladies but can work for men and women alike.Early into the wedding, you should sit on the floor or just start bawling about how you’ll always be alone, how you’ll never find anyone who loves you, or how life is so completely unfair.Make sure the bride and groom know about this and have to awkwardly comfort you, so they and everyone else feel a little weird. You should also loudly mourn your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend and talk about how you though he or she was”The one. “Bring an uninvited date.Not everyone at a wedding gets a plusone, and if you didn’t, then you should definitely bring a date.The bride and groom probably thought this through very carefully, so you should surprise them with a sneakattack date.When there’s no place card or plate for your date, you should act furious.Bonus points if you bring someone who is also determined to ruin the wedding, a person that the bride and groom know but decided not to invite, or even a former flame of the bride or groom.[3]Ruin the first dance.The first dance is supposed to be a special moment between the bride and groom the rest of the guests will be invited to the dance floor later, towards the end of the song or at another appropriate moment.Well, you should boogey down with the new mrs.And mr.As soon as they hit the dance floor.The bride and groom probably spent hours picking the perfect playlist that will please all of their guests, offer some nostalgic fun, and set the right mood for their special night.Well, what better way to ruin the mood than to pick music that completely ruins the vibe, confuses the guests, or just makes everyone stop dancing?Go up to the dj and make a”Special request”And see what happens.Here are some tactics to try:[4] If it’s a stuffy and formal affair, ask for some hiphop.Try e40, icet’s”Cop killer,”Anything by ludacris, or really any song that will scandalize the guests and make them afraid to dance. Ask for a song that is literally impossible to dance to.Pick a slow song with almost no rhythm, and try to send all of the guests off the dance floor.Lots of people meet at weddings and fall in love there, but how many of them actually do the whole sweaty makeoutonthedancefloor thing?Not too many, and that’s exactly where you come in.Pick the most vulnerable, drunkest guest at the party, and start getting down on the dance floor.Make sure as many people see it as possible, and have fun scandalizing the older guests. You can also try hitting on any one at all, from the parents of the groom or bride to the wait staff.Be ruthless.Bring a coke or a glass of red wine with you as you congratulate the bride.As you lean in to give her a big hug ooops!You’ve just splashed the entire front of her dress with a dark, unremovable liquid.Wedding ruined.